Seeking drivers that can work 8 hour shifts (overtime available) with the ability to work excitedly with our clients. We are also offering a flex-time program as well. We have numerous driver positions.

The candidate will drive for our executive transport division - the driver would drive our passenger vans to and from specific locations going to LaGuardia Airport. Our vans run every hour from predetermined locations throughout NYC going express to the airport.

We need exceptional people for a great journey. We offer a compensation package after probation for our employees consisting of medical, dental, vision, life and some other great benefits. We are seeking supervisors for our drivers as well.

Drivers need 2 years of on the job driving, not personal driving for 2 years. Valid CDL Driver's License only. We will have other positions available.

If you are interested, however do not have a CDL you will have to send a resume and express that you will have to undergo training to acquire a CDL. And you will be placed on a waiting list.

We will be hiring full time and part time.

Must be able to pass a state mandated drug and alcohol test, background test. Clean, safe driving record Excellent Client Relations, friendly and courteous.

POSTED:  JULY 16TH, 2017



Administrative Assistant to rival all assistants. He/She must be able to work diligently and learn the industry quickly. Much will be expected because as a new company he/she will be the Sr. Administrative Assistant to then supervise the new hire Administrative Assistants.

He/She will be responsible for a plethora of administrative tasks, projects, as well as collaborating on creating training materials for new hires. This is a position with extraordinary room for growth.


The administrative assistant is expected to be a part of a team, but of course is the backbone of the team. Please submit a cover letter in response to this posting as writing skills are extremely important. If you do not submit a cover letter you will not be considered.


Must be a master in office programs (not meaning texting, tweeting, and posting).

A scheduling wiz

A sense of humor is required. The partners are dedicated, yet surprisingly understanding supervisors, not micro-managers, since you are expected to be a mind reader (sense of humor).

Company is a sense of family for those interested in being appreciated for their hard work and effort. The salary is based on experience, education and expertise. The salary has not specifically been determined.


College is not mandatory, but candidates must have intelligence, not necessarily education. If you feel this position could be great for you, but the salary isn't, please apply and convince us you deserve more. A great benefits package is also included - medical, dental, vision, life, 401k, etc. May be able to work from home in the beginning stages. Put the job title in the subject line.